Working 8:30-6:00

Hey everyone. Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted. Since work started it has gotten even busier and I haven’t been around my room much.

Work started out slow on Monday. We just had all the orientation stuff to do with lots of reading and some small things to do. Yesterday and today have been a lot busier there. Today I never had any down time at work, which is good because it made it go much faster. T-F is pretty much a consulting agency to different companies to help improve their investor relations. They give advice and help conduct many of the tasks that companies take part in throughout the year.

Some of the projects I have been working on include creating an excel file with all the companies on the London Stock Exchange and include additional statistics and group them in sectors. I also worked on different little projects like transcribing meeting notes and updating contact information in their system. Today I got a different project though. A part of their work is trying to get information out about different companies. The company I worked on was ACM, a small biotech company in the UK. So they gave us a list of hundreds of investment analysts and portfolio managers for me to call. The list has 800 different people. So here I am calling analysts from all over the world to ask if they want us to keep giving them information on Acambis. Luckily I am starting to be able to understand accents better.

I really enjoy the people at work. There is no one over the age of 40. The average age is probably around 28. Today I had lunch with a guy from New York, a guy from rural England, a girl from Barcelona, and a girl from Italy; pretty diversified. The two girls from Spain and Italy of course knew multiple languages, so they thought it was ridiculous that us guys didn’t really know any other languages. It really opens your eyes up to see that Americans are unique in that we rarely know more than one language. There was also an article on the front of the paper about George Bush saying that he regrets acting like he was all about war by using phrases like “Bring them on” and such. I still think it’s crazy that so many people in Europe are educated in American politics while many Americans (including myself) are somewhat ignorant to it all.

Now that I’m working I hear many new quotes that are different than we’d use in the states. I hear the following words and phrases every day: rubbish, brilliant, caio caio, and I also learned that “cheers” can mean thank you and good bye. I also have picked up on some of the words but always catch myself and change what I’m going to say, “Their french fries…I mean…chips were great.” and even used the word “mash” rather than mashed potatoes. I also realized that college doesn’t mean university in other countries. I said college and they didn’t know what I was talking about. They just refer to it as university.

Cool thing about work is that they turn on the soccer games every day at 5, so I get to catch the first hour of the game before I leave from work.

7 of us just booked plane tickets to Dublin for the weekend of June 27th. We’re leaving Thursday night and coming back Saturday night.

Last night, a friend of mine got tickets to this concert type thing from her boss since the boss’s son and daughter were in this band. The band was like a blues type band and played a lot of good music that we all knew. It was a very formal event on the 3rd floor of a building in Leicester Square. This was an exclusive event, so the boss put us on the list to get in. We got there and there was free wine, champaign, food, anything. Only 5 of us went, but we had a great time.

Tonight I finally cooked a meal. I cooked hamburger and a couple eggs. Weird combination but I wanted both. After this I took a walk to Regent’s Park by myself. People were playing soccer everywhere. No wonder American soccer is terrible, since we never play. I probably saw 30 different matches going on, ranging from 4 people on a field of 20 yards and games of 20 people with real goals. All most people used was the ball and then used bags to make the goals. I was also surprised to see so many games of baseball going on. I probably saw 4 or 5 different groups of people playing baseball. I didn’t know it was popular here at all. I also saw a group of 4 guys with a volleyball net set up and were playing a volleyball type game with a soccer ball…with soccer rules. That’s right, they were playing volleyball with no hands, only head, chest, and feet. They were pretty good.

Well that’s about all for now. I’ve got an assignment due tomorrow so I need to get to that and then get some sleep.

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One thought on “Working 8:30-6:00

  1. Trent,

    I love this blog, you do such a great job writing, I’m very impressed.

    Sounds like things are going good across the pond, good for you. Take it all in, and live it for us who are less fortunate.

    Keep writing as much as you can, it is really a highlight of my life to read about your journey.

    Much love

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