Wimbledon Pictures

My humble abode:

Maria Sharapova:

Andy Roddick:

James Blake:

Tommy Haas:

Me and in front of Court No. 1:

Heading to Dublin tomorrow right after work.  This week has been non-stop, but it couldn’t get much better.  I’ll be posting again either Saturday night or Sunday sometime.  Have a great weekend!

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2 thoughts on “Wimbledon Pictures

  1. I decided last night to watch the Wimbledon matches you were at on TiVo. After you told me where you were sitting, I was watching for you and saw you during the match of Andy Roddick. You had three young guys to the right of you. The one right to your right had on a white cap turned backwards. Sitting right below you was a man wearing a big straw hat. Then down on the main court level was the guy in uniform sitting on a chair. Am I right? Now I have proof you were really there. How exiciting!

  2. Hey Trent!

    It sounds as though you are having a fabulous summer overseas! What an awesome experience for you?! What makes it even cooler is that you are taking advantage of these opportunities and exposing yourself to so many things. I’m happy for you! You’ll look back on this summer several years from now and be so thankful that you had this experience.

    I got home from work tonight and saw that the Cubbies were getting beat by the Sox. I think the score at the time was 10-3, but not exactly sure how it ended up.

    Take care!!!!

    Holly Collins – EMC Ins.

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