Welcome to Hawkeye Across America, where I will be writing about my fundraising bike ride across the United States with the non-profit organization called Bike and Build. The ride is to benefit affordable housing organizations across the country, including Habitat for Humanity and Rebuilding Together.

On May 20th, a group of 22 of us will take off from Jacksonville, FL and will make our way to Monterey, CA. Along the way, we will be talking to people in communities to raise awareness, help people get involved, and to raise more money for the organizations benefiting affordable housing. We will also be stopping several times on our route to help build the houses, including 5 days in New Orleans. Throughout the ride, I will be posting updates and pictures here so that you can keep up with the progress (and also to be sure I am still surviving the summer heat in the south).

Before the start of the ride, I have a goal of fundraising at least $4,500. If you are interesting in making a donation to support Bike & Build, affordable housing programs, and the fundraising bike ride this summer, please go to www.bikeandbuild.org/donate to make an online, tax-deductible donation. Any amount you are able to provide (whether small or big) will help alleviate the affordable housing issue in the United States. The direct link to my profile on the Bike & Build website is: http://bikeandbuild.org/rider/5628

For all GE employees: The GE Foundation Matching Gifts Program also supports the Bike & Build program, so they will match any donation you make over $25. To get your donation matched, first make the donation through the Bike & Build website. Afterwards, go to http://www.ge.com/foundation/employee_programs/matching_gifts.jsp. Login, and search ¨Bike & Build¨ in the location of Pennsylvania. In the search results, click ¨Select¨ in the top search result and fill in the requested information. After confirmation of your donation to Bike & Build, The GE Foundation will send a check directly to Bike & Build.

Thanks, and be sure to check in this summer!


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