Ushuaia – The end of the world

Just arrived to Ushuaia yesterday after an early flight (4:45 am from Buenos Aires). It´s beautiful here. Surrounded by mountains, glaciers, and lakes. Although cold…feels like late fall with temperatures in 50s and 60s with sun (maybe up to 70, not sure).

Today has been a crazy day. Yesterday I got to Ushuaia and looked around for some deals for trips to Antarctica. Found 4 options and liked 2. Between paying more and going now, or waiting 2 weeks and paying less. I thought about it overnight and still hadn´t made up my mind. Today I went into the agency office at noon, and the lady tells me ¨I forgot to tell you, the trip that leaves today lets you camp for a night on Antarctica¨, which is something not many tours do, and usually it isn´t included in the price. So at 1pm, I decided to leave on a ship leaving at 6pm. I have been in a hurry to get all of my stuff ready and everything ready to go.

I stayed at a Couchsurfers house last night, a guy of about 35 years old. It was one of my best couchsurfing experiences. We got along great, and he happens to be a chef so I´ve been eating well. He´s an extremely nice guy, and it what couchsurfing is all about.

So here I go for 11 days to a place I never thought I would go. The agency lent me a coat and the couchsurer lent me a scarf, so I should be prepared for the colder weather. There is internet, so it might e possible to post while I am there. If not, expect something from me on February 6th!


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