Ups and downs

I wrote this on September 10th but am just now posting it…


Some days are up and down. Today was one of those days. Today was my first day working at the store. When I got in, I was feeling great. I opened up the doors to let the sun shine in, swept out all the dirt, dusted off the weavings, and got ready to open. I felt like a real shop owner and thought this might be my calling. I was supposed to just have a 3 and a half hour shift. So I told my host family that I’d be back at 3 to eat a late lunch and I also planned to go hiking afterwards. Well no one showed up, so I had to stay later. Putting in the time doesn’t bother me, but when I already made plans because someone else was supposed to take over, this doesn’t make me too happy. Especially on the first day. If this happens on the first day, how many times will it happen in 5 months? This makes me a bit nervous, and it’s not something that I will put up with since my time is just as valuable as anyone else’s.

So feeling frustrated and pretty down because of my lack of Spanish, I took a hike up the trail that I’ve already done 3 times. There is something about mountains that cures everything (except altitude sickness). I could never stay mad here.

After the hike, I walked around the town and admired it for a while. Then getting back home, I had dinner with the family. After this, I started talking more and feeling more comfortable with my Spanish. In a couple conversations, I could understand probably half of what they say. It probably helps that I knew kind of what to expect when they’re talking. But it’s funny how sometimes I can feel so bad about my Spanish and other times pretty good. And sometimes pretty down but then feeling ok soon afterwards. I guess it’s just the ups and downs of trying to learn a language and living abroad.

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