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It’s already been almost 4 weeks since I’ve arrived in Prague, which seems unbelievable that it is already
going by so fast. The weeks are packed with work and the weekends have been busy with traveling and
doing different things around Prague.

Unfortunately, work has kept me much busier than I had planned. Just starting out, it’s been difficult
to learn the new processes and how different files work. And the head of finance here hasn’t let up on
me even though I’m just starting. I am having trouble just keeping up, let alone doing well at the job.
I’m hoping this gets better with time and that I start to enjoy it more. It also doesn’t help that my direct
manager is brand new to the company and that he doesn’t speak English very well. It’s not too fun now,
but hopefully it turns out ok.

Since moving here, I’ve met a good amount of people mainly through Couchsurfing. Couchsurfing has
online communities where people often organize events for people around the city to join. Events
that I’ve been to include a soup dinner at a Swedish guy’s house (with 40 other people), going to a pub
to watch soccer, going to a pub with a group of about 30 people, walking around Prague and taking
photographs with a Norwegian guy, and hiking all day on a Sunday in the outskirts of Prague. It’s by far
the easiest and best way to meet people when moving to a new city since events are happening at least
3 times a week.

My second weekend here, my roommate from Cincinnati came to visit. He’s doing a rotation in England,
so he decided to take a weekend to visit Prague. We had a good time exploring Prague, and we took a
day trip to Pilzen, which is where some of the first lagers were created. We toured the Pilsner Urquell
brewery, which was one of the better brewery tours I’ve been on. Travel around the Czech Republic is
extremely easy and cheap. All the cities outside of Prague are even cheaper than Prague, which is cheap
to begin with. I’m looking forward to seeing more of the Czech Republic.

I hosted my first Couchsurfer a week ago. Since being in Prague, I’ve received a lot of requests to host
but it never really worked out until last week. It was a Korean girl who studies in Romania. She stayed
for 3 nights, and I showed her around one day since I was working the other days. Overall, it was a good
experience and I’ll probably be hosting again in the future.

This past weekend, I traveled to Vienna, Austria. I initially wanted to go there for a big Couchsurfing
event on Friday night, but because of work and train delays I wasn’t able to make it. I wanted to take
the 2:45 pm train and get there around 7pm. Then something came up at work that needed to be done
by Monday morning, so I stayed at work and took the 5:45 pm train. About halfway there, the train
stopped for no apparent reason. After 3 hours, we started back up again. This put me at arriving to
Vienna at 1 am, so I had to miss the event. I Couchsurfed with a Viennese girl who was nice, but I didn’t
spend much time with her. I explored the city all day Saturday and half the day Sunday before taking
a bus back to Prague. Vienna was a nice city. Some highlights include the large amount of cafes, the
Stephansdom (St. Stephan’s Cathedral), Wiener Schnitzel, the Habsburg’s summer house, and learning
more about the history. There was the Heldenplatz where 200,000 Viennese welcomed Hitler in 1938. I
toured a part of the Habsburgs’ summer house, which is a 1,400 room palace in Austria. The Habsburgs
were the rulers of Austria-Hungary Empire for centuries, all the way up through 1918. The house is

interesting because of the various styles that were implemented throughout the history of the palace
(which was built in the 1700s I believe). I also didn’t realize that Wiener Schnitzel is from Vienna (which
now makes sense since the local name for Vienna is “Wien”). Before taking off on Sunday, I went to a
very traditional restaurant and definitely enjoyed it. Overall, it was a good trip.

Being away from Prague reminded me how much I like this city. I’m not sure if I could ever get bored in
this city since just walking around is always enough entertainment. Living in a country much different
than the US is great for people watching since the styles and looks are much different. The language
barrier is somewhat strange since I never know who I will be able to talk to, but it keeps it interesting.

I’ve also already started class for work. That has made things even more overwhelming with the new
job. Class should be pretty interesting, though. I’ll be going to Paris 4 different times and am excited
about that. We have a big group project, and on my team is a British guy, and Italian guy, and I believe a
girl from a country in the Middle East (not sure yet since I haven’t met her). However, with class I have a
2 hour conference call each Monday, where they give us an assignment that is due on Friday. Sometimes
I’m not sure how it’ll be possible to keep up while trying to enjoy Prague.

Travis and Sarah will be coming over in a few weeks, so I’m very excited about that. Since this will be
Sarah’s first time in Europe, it’ll be especially exciting to see Prague, Paris, and other cities.

That’s all for now. Talk to you later!

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