The Claws of Prague

I’ve heard several times of people talking about “The Claws of Prague”. This is supposed to mean how Prague always draws back the people who leave. The coming months will show what kind of grip Prague has on me.

In early July, my company had a public holiday so I took this chance to go biking. My coworker told me about a place called Lom Amerika which is on the way to the Karlstejn castle. So I spent the entire day biking and totaled around 24 miles for the day. There are a lot of nice bike paths that go into the countryside in the Czech Republic since it’s a very popular sport here.

Lom Amerika is a man made hole in the ground. I guess they originally created this for some natural resouces, but now it’s a huge hole in the ground with a small pond down at the bottom. It’s a popular place for people to come to go swimming, even though it is forbidden because it can be a bit dangerous getting down. I initially wanted to go to the bottom, but after 20 miles of biking I didn’t feel I was in the shape to climb down 30 feet on this rope, especially when I am not with anyone else.

In the small town my Lom Amerika, I stopped at a pub for lunch. I only had a Czech menu, so I picked out what I knew was chicken and potato salad. After I ordered, the guy asked if I knew what this was. I said, “I know it’s chicken something with potato salad”. He replied back saying, “It’s chicken livers”. I said ok. Turned out to be really good chicken livers fried with a breading. This with a beer and potato salad was the lunch I needed after the bike ride.

I then went on to Karlstejn, which has a famous castle that I had went to in February. When I got into the town, I stopped at a little gas station to get some water. There was a small table outside with a guy sitting there, so i sat by him. After a little bit of silence, I asked him if he speaks English. After this, we started talking more and asking about each other. He told me that he studied in high school for a year in the US, so I naturally said “Where in the US?”. He said Illinois. So I said “Where in Illinois?”. And he says the Quad Cities. So I asked “Where in the Quad Cities?”. And he says actually a small town outside of it called Aledo. Of course he didn’t expect me to know where this town was, so it was funny getting to where he finally said the town. I told him how I played against Aledo in basketball in high school. He said I was the first person he’s ever told that knows where Aledo is. This is truly a small world story!

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