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Known for watches, mountains, and ski resorts, Switzerland is a relatively small country with a lot to do. A little larger than the state of Maryland, it’s easy to cross the entire country in a few days with trains or buses. Switzerland is one of the most expensive in Europe, so it can be rough on a budget. But for the frugal traveler, this is avoidable by cooking your own food, Couchsurfing/staying in hostels, and finding free or cheap things to do.

Lucerne is the only city that I have truly traveled to. On a week-long trip with my brother and sister-in-law, we stopped in Lucerne for a few days. Coincidentally, my friend from my college was living and playing basketball in Lucerne. She generously invited us to stay with her.

Lucerne is a lovely town. Set right by Lake Lucerne and within view of the towering mountains of the Alps, the town is surrounded by natural beauty. The buildings also have an attractive look, as you walk up from the Reuss River into the historic district. The Kapellbrücke (Chapel Bridge), first constructed in 1333, connects the two sides of the town. Unfortunately, much of the bridge burned in a fire in 1993 but was replaced soon after.

One afternoon, we took an aerial cable car to the top of a Mount Pilatus, just outside of Lucerne. The cable car climbs high and fast up to 2,132 m (7,000 ft). At the top are breathtaking views (literally and figuratively) of the surrounding mountains and lakes.

Switzerland is a country with a lot to offer, and it definitely deserves more time than I have given it. These are some of the best mountains in Europe. The tough part is making it work with the prices and keeping the trip affordable!

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