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A few old friends is what brought me up to Scandinavia for a long-weekend trip while living in Prague. One friend was living in Oslo, Norway, while the other was living in Arvika, Sweden. The two cities are only a few hours apart by train, so visiting both friends was easy to do in four days full days.

Arvika is a quaint town of 15,000 people with beautiful surroundings of Lake Arvika.  Although very cold in the winter, I went during the best time in the month of July. The weather was warm and the days long. I remember going on my friend’s balcony to watch the sun setting at about 11:30pm.

My first and only sailing experience was on Lake Kyrkviken. While walking around the dock, my friend’s friend invited us to go out on the lake. The sailor was in the Swedish navy and was trying out his new boat. Although the wind never picked up, it was a perfect way to learn the basics of sailing.

I am proud to say that my first Ikea experience was actually in Sweden. Never having been there, my friend took me to the closest store in Karlstad. Living out of a backpack makes it difficult to purchase any furniture, so we just enjoyed some cinnamon buns instead.

My friend’s parents generously offered us over for dinner at their house in Grums. Seeing where my friend grew up and meeting her family was a surreal experience. Having lived right next to her in a dorm in Australia, I never thought I’d have the chance to visit her home in Sweden. Being an avid traveler herself, it was fantastic to get a glimpse into her childhood and hometown

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