Summer time

I forget if I mentioned it before, but I bought a bike three or four weeks ago. It was definitely a little late to do it, but I bit the bullet finally. I bought it from a second hand shop for about $200, which is actually pretty cheap for a bike here. After riding it around for the first weekend, the brakes were pretty out of shape. I took it to the bike shop with the help of a coworker (who helped me out a ton with this by finding the bike shop and coming with me to communicate) and got the brakes completely replaced. $60 later I am left with a bike that works perfectly and some nice weather.

I’ve started to bike to and from work pretty much every day which is about 6 miles each way. I’ve never biked to work before, but I absolutely love it. The tougher ride in the morning wakes me up and gives me a lot of energy when I get to work, and the mostly downhill ride on the way back home let’s me relax while riding along the creeks and through the parks. The great part is that it takes me about the same time as the metro takes me, so I am just using a little more time to shower. However, when I get to work and back home, I am feeling so much better than when I take the metro. I feel like I’ve accomplished something, and then I have more free time since I’ve already exercised. It’s really something I look forward to when I wake up each morning and when I’m leaving work. I can’t believe I’ve never tried this before. It’s something I’ll try to keep doing in the future no matter where I live.

Over the weekend, the girl I stayed with in Poland came to visit. It was her first time in Prague, so it was fun showing her around. The weather was pretty cold, but still saw a lot. We went to the bone church in Kutna Hora, which was my second time there. One thing that surprised me was how cheap the restaurant was in Kutna Hora. We each had a nice lunch and a beer, and we paid something like $6 each.

I also have a funny story about the small world. When Travis and Sarah were here, we went to a tea shop here in Prague that they found in their guide book. It was a cool place. Well when I was in Brno, the guy who organized the whole weekend told me that his dad franchises tea shops around the Czech Republic and has some in the US. I thought it was a small world since one of the locations is in Madison, very close to where I grew up. Well, on Sunday I went back to the tea shop in Prague and who is the waiter? None other than the couch surfer who set up the events in Brno. To top it off, he actually waited on Travis, Sarah, and I when we went there in March. If that’s not a small world story, then I don’t know what is!

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