Stock Market at all-time high!

Graph With Stacks Of Coins

The Dow Jones Industrial Average hit another all-time high on Tuesday. Why is nobody talking about this?

The Dow Jones is a stock market index made up of 30 selected companies including GE, Chevron, American Express, Intel, etc. It’s usually used as an indicator for the market since it’s made up of the largest companies from many sectors.

The fact that we aren’t seeing this in the news more often shows exactly what is wrong with the media. When the stock market tanked a few years ago, you couldn’t go a day without hearing how people are losing money and how the world is ending. Now the market is more confident and at an all-time high, and you still only hear the negatives. A quick scan from the top articles from a major news source proves this.


Not even a mention of the stock market but we do see articles about slow job growth, murders, drugs, child porn, and the national debt. They pretty much have it all covered.

Here is a visual example of what’s going on; take a look at this historical chart of the Dow Jones Industrial Average since the year 1900. The Dow hit a high in 2007 and then drop quickly as the market panicked. Over the past few years, it has been steadily clawing back. How many people sold stocks between 2007 and 2009? And how much money did they lose when they sold? If they had simply kept their cool and held on, they would have more money today than they did in 2007. This may be very useful to know for the next recession.


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