Starting 2012

So I had a New Year´s Eve very similar to what I had 3 years ago when I was in Madrid for midnight. In short, I met a bunch of people in a hostel (in Madrid I met the day of, here in Sucre I had met most of the a few days ago), we hung out in the hostel making dinner, having some wine, then went to the main plaza for midnight, and then went out afterwards until the sun was coming up. I must say that I enjoyed this year much more, since I met so many more people and knew them pretty well in the 3 or 4 days we were all in Sucre. The group this year consisted of 15 or so Brazilians, and a mix of Germans, French, from Holland, another American, Australians, Switzerland, Canadians, and others. We had a lot of land covered. We made our way to the plaza right before midnight to get a spot in the center of the plaza. The plaza was pretty much completely full, and people were setting off fireworks from everywhere. Probably not the safest thing. They were selling all kinds of fireworks in the city beforehand, and anyone could buy them, even kids. At midnight, everything went off including lots of champaigne. Afterwards, we went out to dance to a place that was surprisingly full of locals. Overall, was a great time with a lot of new friends.

Because there were absolutely no buses out of Sucre on the 1st of January, so I was forced to stay an extra day. However, I have decided to stay even longer since I really enjoy it here. Many nights of live music, hanging out with the people in the hostel during the day, and just generally like the city. Tomorrow, I am going to search for a Spanish school to see if I can get some intensive classes here this week. I am hoping for 6 or so hours per day from Tuesday to Friday, but we´ll see if it´s possible. I haven´t learned all of the gramatic forms so I would like to go through all of those, and I think it will pay dividends while traveling. So I will probably stay here until Friday or Saturday if I can find a Spanish school. If not, will probably be in a day or two.

So I mentioned in my other post that I have added a new destination. It´s something I had never thought about because I didn´t even know it was easily accesible for tourists. And that place is the continent of Antarctica. It´s expensive, yes. But since I will be going to the very bottom of Argentina anywhere, I figure ¨Why not?¨ I will plan on booking a last minute trip when I get there, which means I should get several hundred dollars off the price. The trip should be around 14 days including 2 days in a boat getting there and 2 days getting back to the real world. I am extremely excited since it´s really something that I never thought I would be able to go to, and not many people go there in general. If all goes well, it should be one of the highlights of my trip.

So that is all for now. I hope everyone had a great New Year and that 2012 is the best for everyone.

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