Start of week 2

Hello again.  I have already started week 2 of classes, and luckily have not had much work yet.  I am only taking three classes for a total of 9 hours of class per week, so I am able to really enjoy my last semester. With my time, I have been exercising and socializing a lot.  I am usually doing some sort of exercise every day, whether it is going to the gym, biking, swimming, or basketball.  It’s quite the change from the last 3 years when I hardly have enough time to sit down, let alone exercise every day.

After spending 3 and a half years at Iowa, I must say that it’s quite strange starting at a new university.  Spending that much time at one school allows you to learn every part of the campus, know all the shortcuts, know where the resources are, etc.  Starting at a completely new campus is somewhat difficult. Since I am used to some of the resources available at Iowa, it is sometimes difficult to find those exact same resources here. Just all the little things that I took for granted aren’t there any more.  For example, the website. I am so used to Iowa’s website that I can find anything within seconds. Manuevering a new website is a challenge when searching for the same things I have been for 3 1/2 years.  Also, finding the classrooms can be a challenge.  Looking at my schedule at Iowa, I would know right away pretty much exactly where the room is located.  Looking at my schedule here, I have no idea what the abbreviations are or where they are located.  Although it’s a challenge, it is refreshing to be in a new place. Always knowing where everything is can get very boring, and that’s how I felt about Iowa.

This week is murder week in my dorm.  Pretty much everyone gets a plastic knife with someone else’s name on it. The goal is to kill as many people as possible without getting killed. To kill someone, you must poke the person with the knife and say “You’re dead”.  However, no one else can hear you say this, or else the kill does not count.  People take this surprisingly serious here.  People use “security” when walking around campus by traveling in pairs.  People lock their doors when they are usually unlocked.  People become tricky and somewhat shady, but it’s all in the fun. One girl from Las Vegas had the name of one of our roommates, but a different roommate had the name of the girl from Vegas.  So we told the girl that we will let her in our dorm room so she can “kill” the roommate.  But what she found in the room was our roommate who needed to kill her. Probably sounds confusing, but pretty much we tricked her into thinking she would get an easy kill, but then our other roommate killed her.

Tonight at dinner, I finally saw my victim for the first time. He walked by with some people, but I started talking to him so they would get ahead of him and he would be alone. Then, he says, “Oh I should get going, those girls are my security.” As he started walking away, I followed and got him since no one else was around.  Now I get his knife and get to try another person. Good times.

I will be heading to Sydney this weekend for the first time.  I am heading there on Thursday and will come back either Sunday night or Monday morning. I am excited to have a long weekend there and see the city. I haven’t been out of Newcatle much, and I there is so much to see around Australia. I’ll be posting again to try to tell about my experience in Sydney.

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2 thoughts on “Start of week 2

  1. I get to reading your blog and it’s just like a good book you hate to put down. Your experiences are always so exciting.

  2. It’s fun to write about, but I’m glad you enjoy it. It’ll be nice to look back on some day. And it’s easy to forget the little things that happen, so it’s a good way to remember them.

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