Socially (Network) Awkward

Socially (Network) Awkward

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After much consideration and debate, I’ve decided to delete my Facebook account for the time being. Some people do not understand why anyone would ever remove themselves from Facebook. Many consider it a great tool to keep up with news, their communities, and other relevant events in their lives. I can understand this, as “liking” a page gives you instant updates on whatever the group may be. Plus it’s a tool to keep up with friends. However, I must admit that my usage of Facebook wasn’t all too productive. I was definitely keeping up with people, but only a small percentage of the content on Facebook was actually relevant to my life. It was way too easy to just jump at any moment that I was bored and check for updates. “Just a few minutes” would turn into 15 minutes or maybe even half an hour before realizing that I had been completely sidetracked with what I was actually trying to accomplish.

So, on January 2nd, I deleted my Facebook account and have been Facebook-free since. Here are my reasons for getting off “the book”:

Eliminate the number one large distraction in my life. It’s all too easy to check Facebook. It rarely provides any added value to my life, so it was just a matter of getting rid of an addiction that had become a huge distraction from things that matter. Rather than mindlessly scrolling down through Facebook whenever I am bored, I am not forced to find better things to do.

Focus attention on closest friends. Facebook brought into my life small, minute updates on updates from over 1,000 people. If a guy from England who I met once several years ago will be getting married this year, it’s not too relevant. Or if my high school classmate, who I haven’t talked to for 10 years, is mad at her husband, that adds nothing to my life. What if I just focus on the people most important to me? And rather than see updates on Facebook, what if I communicate with them directly? I feel like this is much more powerful. So I wrote down the contact information of about 50 people who I would say are important to me. I’ve already found myself emailing more and talking directly with others rather than just seeing their Facebook statuses.

Live in the moment. It’s way too easy to sit on Facebook in a comfort zone and ignore the things around you. Whether it’s a conversation, enjoying a meal, or just reflecting on your day, it’s just far too easy to push everything aside while aimlessly scrolling. I am definitely guilty of doing this. And I don’t like it. This will be easier while traveling, as there will be plenty of cool things to do between exploring new places and meeting people. But at least by deleting the account, I am much more likely to socialize with other travelers rather than sit on my computer with Facebook.

So far, it hasn’t been hard to stay logged off. There were several times where I’ve thought about logging on, but I then immediately found something better to do, like emailing or reading. It’s only been a week, but I am happy with the decision and hope to stay socially (network) awkward.

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