Soccer, Surfing, and Wine Tasting

Hello again. By the title, you can see that this week has been full of fun things around here.  On Tuesday, I was invited to go to a soccer game here in the local stadium.  I was invited by a girl from Hong Kong that was invited by a group of Koreans, who had free tickets since the visiting team was a Korean team.  It ended up being the girl from Hong Kong and me in the big section of Koreans cheering on the team. Definitely a good time, especially me being one of two white guys waving Korean flags, and that the Koreans loved to cheer with their drum and everything. The Korean team ended up losing 2-0, but still a fun time.

On Saturday morning I signed up for a surf lesson with some friends. The friends included some guys from Canada and a girl from Sweden. I never really wanted to try surfing that much since it involves going out in the ocean a little bit further than swimming, but I decided I would be upset with myself if I didn’t try surfing in a place where surfing is so popular. The “lesson” wasn’t really a lesson. Since they only actually taught us for about 5 minutes, I would say that the money was used more for renting the equipment.  As I expected, surfing was very difficult. Waiting for the wave, paddling to get speed, then jumping up on the board is not easy when it all happens within a few seconds.  I was able to get up on the board 2 or 3 times, which made me happy enough for a first time.

Then this morning, I went on a wine tour of the Hunter Valley with an American and a Swedish girl. Hunter Valley is just about an hour drive west of my university, so we found a tour that would pick us up and take us around. We visited 4 different wineries along with a chocolate and a cheese shop. It was definitely a good day there. The area is famous in Australia (and the wines are known all around the world I think), so it gets many tourists. On our tour was also an older couple from Brisbane, a couple from Sydney, and a couple from London. I like talking to people from now after living there and knowing what it’s like. London feels like a part of me now since I was working there for a while. I’m sure Australia will feel like an even bigger part of me after spending 5 months here and meeting so many people here. The wine tours were all great with nice Sunday weather. That wrapped up another week here. I just booked my plane ticket to go to New Zealand over break, so I am getting exciting for that. I’ll be leaving in 3 weeks for that, and spending about 9 days there.  I’m excited to travel around there since I’ve only heard good things about it. That’s all for now. Talk to you soon.

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