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Living in developing countries, you see a lot of things that you’d never see in the US, Europe, or any other country in the developed world. Some are interesting, some intriguing, and some are just plane ugly.

Walking home after a meeting with the Pulsera Project, I saw a small crowd of people across the street from my house. At first, I thought someone was selling something; but as I got closer, I saw that someone was on the ground. I asked a woman looking on what happened. She said she didn’t know. I go in closer to the group of onlookers who on the opposite corner across from my house. I see a man on the ground, unconscious, and a gash above his eye. People were looking on but nothing seemed to be happening. Did this just happen a minute or two ago? Where are the police? The ambulance? Had someone called them? I honestly didn’t know what to do. I was stunned.

After a few more minutes, people in the group were talking to cars passing by. I couldn’t make out what they were saying. The most shocking part came next. A taxi stopped, the doors opened, and five men picked up the unconscious man and loaded him into the back seat of the cab. An older man (I assume someone know knows the injured man) jumped in the front seat, and the taxi took off, presumably to a hospital or a clinic. I could not comprehend what just happened. Where were the police and the ambulance? How can an unconscious man just be loaded into a taxi to head to the hospital?

As I walked away, feeling woozy, confused, and shaken up, a man asked me if I saw what happened. He said that the man was there for 20 minutes and the only people helping the man were onlookers. Whether this is true or not, I am not sure, but he also said that it’s because the authorities are corrupt. That’s why no officials came. He said the people here are good, but the government simply does not care. He he thinks it was a problem with the man’s heart (maybe a heart attack) that caused him to fall and the collision on the concrete is what caused the gash above his eye. I don’t know if any of that is true, or if he was trying use this as a political fuel. I really don’t know.

I am still shocked of what I just witnessed. Do the people here really have no ability to receive medical help outside of the hospital or clinics? Did anyone even try to call the police or ambulance? These are questions that I want to and need to find out.

Updated a few hours later: I asked my landlord why no one came. He said that maybe no one called the police or ambulance because it’d be quicker in a taxi. Maybe that’s true?

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