Today was the second day of my scuba class, and the first time getting into the water. Usually people use a swimming pool for the first dives, but we jumped straight into it. I never really thought much about Scuba, so I didn´t know how advanced the sport is. Between getting all the gear ready, putting it on, knowing how to use the gear to submerge and to come up, and many, many other important techniques. We did 2 dives today, about 20 or 30 minutes each. Because it´s a certification we are going for, we are learning and then doing the techniques to prove we can do them. For example, taking the regulator (piece you use for breathing) out, and doing a basic arm sweep around your back to recover it and put it back in your mouth. Others include taking off your entire vest (BCD, air cannister) and then putting it back on while having the regulator still for breathing. All this at the bottom of the sea at about 20 or 30 feet. Some are a bit challenging, but nothing that the average person can´t do. Then after we have learned all of the mechanisms, we swim around underwater looking at the coral reefs and fish. Being so far under water is nothing I have ever felt before. It´s something so pure and completely natural. You see so many types of fish of all different colors, sizes, and shapes. The vegetation on the reefs are something you don´t see on land, again with the colors and shapes. You really are in a different world, where not that many people go to. You have the freedom to swim to the bottom or swim up, whatever you want. It´s a really cool feeling and feels very free and liberating. No one can talk to you, even if they want. All you can do is do hand motions and look. It´s just a completely different experience than I have ever had, and looking forward to the next 2 days of it.

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