Today we woke up and went to the orientation meeting in South Kensington, a very nice neighborhood.  The orientation was in the Jury Hotel.  Most of us Iowa students traveled in a group to get there on the subway.  Right as we walked out of tube, we saw a Lamborghini dealership.  This neighborhood was filled with so many nice cars.  The orientation took a couple hours as they talked about different aspects of the internships, the residence hall, and London life in general.

I finally got an email for my internship placement tonight.  It’s called Taylor Rafferty, an investor relations company that deals with companies in Europe, Africa, and Asia.  It looks like they assist companies in issuing stock and giving further advice on developing interest in the stock.  The email said that I will be researching the financial markets and financial institutions, corresponding with different investment houses about projects, and updating findings in their spreadsheet and database.  I’m not sure when the interview is, but I’ll probably find about it tomorrow.

After the orientation, we had a scavenger hunt for different sights around London.  There was a list of about 50 different sights with a little riddle type description and where the closest tube station is.  Finding some were pretty tough.  We ended up only finding about 10 different sights, mostly throughout Hyde Park.  It rained pretty much all day.  I’m beginning to wonder if the sun ever comes out here since it has rained every day.  I read that it’s supposed to get sunny on Friday though.

The recent news in the papers has been all about the ban on drinking alcohol on the tube.  People have always been allowed to drink on the tube and they just banned it starting this past Sunday.  On Saturday night thousands of people flooded the tube to party.  17 people were arrested from rebelling and causing some destruction.  Now there are some Facebook events saying that they will be having another rebellion and are trying to get as many people on the tube to party.  I’ll definitely be staying away from that.

After the scavenger hunt, all the Iowa students went this little pub on a boat on the Thames River right by Big Ben.  All of the EUSA advisers came along and we hung out there for a few hours.  After this they took us up to Covent Garden and we ate at a pretty nice restaurant.  The University of Iowa sponsored it for all 25 of us.  I’m getting to know a lot of the other students here and really enjoy meeting everyone.

Well that’s about all for now.  I’m exhausted from walking another 8 miles today and need to get some sleep.

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I started Frugal Purpose to share my love of personal finance to assist your pursuit of a more fulfilling life. I am a financial analyst by trade, traveler at heart, and want to share with you the beauty of this world.


2 thoughts on “Orientation

  1. Hi Trent, We are really enjoying your comments and pictures. Glad to learn of your internship assignment. It seems to us that it surely is “right down your alley”.

    We feel that you certainly have a writing talent as you tell of your first experiences.

    One of our vivid remembrances while in London many years ago was a dessert, strawberries and cream which we enjoyed very much. We’re sure you will experience some great food.

    We’ll be checking your website every day. Have fun!

  2. Trent,

    I’m so excited every day to read about all you’re doing in London. You have such a way with words that makes it so interesting to read.

    Congratulations on finally finding out where you’ll be working. It sounds like something you’ll really enjoy.

    You must really be getting to see and do a lot this week. I’m so jealous of you being there. I hope dad and I will the chance someday.

    Keep up the communication and have fun!

    Love, Mom

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