Off to Bristol

I am taking off pretty quick here to Bristol to stay with Rachael and Patrick Kenny.  We plan to drive around the countryside in England tomorrow, and I’m not sure that we have anything else planned.  I am very excited to get away from the city for the weekend and see what else there is in England.  I am sure I will have plenty of pictures and a lot to talk about when I get back.

Work was pretty much the same this week.  Making phone calls to analysts and asking if they are interested in this company.  Last night after work, I went straight to this place called Hampstead Heath.  It’s a huge wilderness type area (750 acres) and it pretty much feels like you’re in a state park.  There are some amazing views of the city that I will post here.  I walked around up there for a couple hours then came home and ate supper.  5 of us ended up booking plane tickets to Barcelona for July 11th through the 13th – Friday morning to Sunday evening.  I am excited to see Barcelona, as it was one of top cities to go to while I am here.  Well I better get packed since I’m leaving in 20 minutes!

Everyone have a safe weekend.

Remember that this is on the north central side of London, still considered in the city.

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One thought on “Off to Bristol

  1. Hi Trent, I hope you are not getting in any trouble over there. They may try to get even for the rev. war and the Boston tea party. What do they think of us Americans. Do they comment on our politics? Watch out for those pretty English girls. Sounds like you are having fun. We keep up with your daily activities. Doesn’t sound like you are getting home sick.

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