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I grouped together a trip to Sweden in a four day trip from Prague. I spent two days total in Norway, all in Oslo. Here, I stayed with a friend who had studied in Iowa for a year, where we became good friends. She was now working in Oslo and had invited me to stay.

An important thing to mention right away to any frugal traveler is that Oslo is expensive! There is no way around it. Even if you live to an extreme eating only food from supermarkets, Couchsurfing/staying with a friend, and using public transportation, you’ll still spend a decent amount of money. One way on a public bus/train is about $4 USD. A bottle of water from a market is about $3 USD. A beer at a pub is $12 USD. It’s by far the most expensive city I’ve ever been to. That’s just a warning for anyone traveling there on a budget. Be ready for the prices.

Having said that, Oslo is a pretty cool city. For being the country’s largest city, it’s peaceful, full of greenery, and the people are friendly. Oslo is 454 sq km in total, which 242 sq km are forest!┬áVigelandsparken Sculpture Park is worth checking out, where you’ll find numerous statues including the famous statue of the screaming baby. The Oslo Opera House is a piece of art itself and a great place to hang out and people watch while taking on views of the city and the harbor. Another great idea (which is pretty cheap) is to head out to the islands in Oslo Fjord for the day. There is regular public transportation by boat to get to the islands. And if you’re extremely lucky, you’ll get a warm day!

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