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After graduating from college and starting a career in corporate finance, I started wondering, “Is this what life is really all about?” I was spending 60 hours per week in the office only to have weekends to do what I want (which usually ended up with me on the couch watching football). Then on Monday I would start over and do it all again until I get to use some of my 10 annual vacation days? I started questioning my lifestyle and eventually realized there are only a few ways out of this cycle.

In the summer after my junior year of college, I had an internship in London. This was when I truly began seeing the world. I loved all of the little (and big) differences between countries. I realized that spending money on this provided a much bigger return on investment to my life than any of the “stuff” I had been buying.

After college, I started with $20,000 in debt ($15k student debt and $5k left on my car loan), so I created a budget and put every single extra dollar towards my loans. I started selling stuff. My Xbox, TIvo, TV, desktop computer…the list went on. To live a better life, I realized I needed to get rid of my time wasters. And lucky for me, they were still worth some money I was able to put towards debt.

I was then relocated to Prague for a six month assignment. This is when I really became involved with Couchsurfing. I began hosting as well as surfing in several different countries in Western and Eastern Europe. Couchsurfing started to truly shape my life through the people I met and the experiences I had.

After two years of saving up, I worked up the courage and asked my company for a year unpaid leave of absence to volunteer in Peru, travel in South America, and cycle across the US. These experiences made up the best year of my life (so far) and are the reason why I think everyone should take a year off to travel, to learn, try new things, and live 100% in the present moment. It’s the best opportunity to learn about the world and learn about yourself in many ways.

I am continually finding new ways to improve my life and, of course, save up for the next big thing. My views are continually being shaped by my experiences and the people I meet. Travel has become my biggest passion and where I get my sense of purpose, so I am continually trying to find new ways to implement traveling into my life. There is no doubt that my passions will shift as life moves forward. Because of that, we need to constantly be re-evaluating our priorities to ensure we’re living in the moment while also planning for the future! 

About Trent

I started Frugal Purpose to share my love of personal finance to assist your pursuit of a more fulfilling life. I am a financial analyst by trade, traveler at heart, and want to share with you the beauty of this world.


6 thoughts on “My Story

  1. Hey Trent, im not sure you will remember of me.. we met in Amigo hostel in Sucre for the new year last year. I checked out your blog and i really apreciated the way you write it! I see myself in everything you write and thats inspiring.
    Keep writting and i will be glag to follow your adventures! Hopefully i will be doing similar soon enough!
    xx Cami

    • Hey Cami! Of course I remember you from Sucre. New Year’s Eve with you and everyone else at the hostel was very fun. Thanks for checking out the blog. It really means a lot to know that you connect with it. I hope you’re able to travel, as well, and maybe we’ll meet up somewhere else in the world :)


  2. Hey Trent just saying hi. Cool to read about your adventures and looking forward to meeting soon when the Pulsera Project group – 15 of us – comes to Granada. I’m one of the co-founders and we’re looking forward to a walk through Panatanal on the 17th. Hope to see you that day or another! Thanks again for taking time to give us a little arm-chair adventure through your blog!

    • Hey Chris,

      I’m looking forward to meeting you here in Granada! I’ve heard your name many times in meetings with Juan Carlos and the Pulsera group, so it’ll be great to finally meet you. Thanks for the comment and sharing your blog on Pulsera’s Facebook page, and I’ll see you soon!


  3. Hi Trent, how long have you been back at your job? I traveled for a year right after college (I’m an avid CSer too), then worked in Guatemala, Spain, the UK, until I couldn’t take corporate life anymore, spent a year in Morocco, traveled for 6 months around Europe and 6 months around the US before going back to Guatemala to live. I found it really hard to fit back in the mold once I had seen what the world had to offer, so I was just wondering how it is going for you.

    • Hi Pauline,

      I actually left the corporate world at the end of March this year, and am currently in Nicaragua working for a non-profit. I am still searching for the right fit for me since I need a balance between being nomadic and working on something meaningful. Thanks for your comment! It’s always great to hear from others who are in similar positions (and even better when geographically we’re not too far apart!).


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