My LASIK Experience (Part 2)

This is Part 2 of my LASIK blogs. Click here to view Part 1.

I can still see! That’s the most I can ask after receiving a laser in the each eye for thirty seconds. And as if that’s not enough, I have 20/15 vision the next day. It seems like magic.

Since I can remember, I’ve never lived a day without wearing glasses or contacts. I started wearing glasses when I was around 3 years old, so that’s about 8,395 days. That’s a Cal Ripken, Jr. caliber streak. But that streak has ended today.


I couldn’t imagine a better clinic for LASIK than Dr. Yavitz in Rockford, Illinois. The staff was extremely professional, personable, and made me feel very comfortable. I arrived at 8:15am for the initial exam. By 9:15am, I had my surgery time booked for 10:15am. In between that time, my mom and I picked up my prescription for two tiny bottles of eye drops which ended up costing $250 total (not an exaggeration). We arrived back to the office for my surgery, and I graciously accepted the Valium. I sat around for 30 minutes as the Valium kicked in. When the doctor called me back to the surgery room, I was feeling pretty good (relaxed, happy, tipsy).

The Operation

I walk into the operating room. A spacious room with white walls and plenty of equipment made the patient chair seem small. I laid back and waited for the doctor and assistants to prepare. He finally leaned me back and went to work.

He first put a tape-like piece over my eye. This kept my eye from being able to blink. I focused on the green flashing light on the machine right above me. The doctor placed a tool on my eye which felt like suction. He counted up to 7 seconds as my vision eventually went dark. This was the doctor cutting the flat of my eye above the cornea. A few seconds after, there was a bright, focused light shining on my eye. I originally expected to be completed blinded by this light, but I could actually see around it. So I continued to focus on the blinking green light which was understandably a bit fuzzy at this time. As he put the laser to work, there was a loud grinding noise. Not what you want to hear when there is a laser in your eye. Within thirty seconds, he had put the flap back where it belongs and removed the tape from my eye. He says to me, “Pretty cool, huh?” The only thing I could blurt out was, “This is surreal.” About a minute later, he was done with my other eye.

Right after, he asked me if I could see the ceiling. Even though it was foggy, I could! Still feeling woozy from the Valium, I stumbled to the chair in a different examination room. After a quick check, I was released to go on my merry way (with trendy eye shields).

Mandatory eye shields for one day after LASIK / New fashion trend

Mandatory eye shields for one day after LASIK / New fashion trend


After getting back home, I took the recommended 4 hour nap. After administering more drops, I could already see pretty well. Later in the evening, I felt like I could see as if I had contacts in.

I’m now sitting in a coffee shop in Rockford after getting my normal day-after examination. The doctor was extremely happy with what he saw (or rather with what I see). The day after LASIK, I have 20-15 vision!

So far, I am extremely happy with LASIK. I felt no discomfort during the surgery and have felt very little discomfort afterwards. Assuming my vision retains the same quality and there are no complications, this is well worth the money and I couldn’t be happier!

 Update as of 4/22/13: I woke up yesterday with one eye a bit blurry. I was nervous, so I called the doctor. He said that either I just have dry eyes or that the prescription may have shifted since surgery. If the latter is true, I will need to go in and have a minor correction done. He said this is a very simple procedure and I have nothing to worry about. I’ll be giving him a call midweek to tell him the status so he can decide if I need to come back in.

 Update as of 4/25/13: I upped the number of drops I use for my eyes, and the vision in my right eye cleared up within a day. Ever since, my vision has been great and have experienced minimal dryness.

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