Missing things

I was talking to Mom and Dad the other night on Skype, and they asked me what things I missed from my normal life back in the US. At first nothing came to my head too quickly, but after I started thinking about it, more things came to me. As this is the most different place I have lived, I miss things more here than I ever have in other places. Although I can get many things I am used to, there are many things I can’t get and some things are just different. Or I just don’t have it or buy it because I am trying to live cheaper. So here they are:

A comfortable bed – my bed right now is a thin mattress over wooden boards, and I can feel the boards

A coffee machine – drinking dissolvable coffee every day gets old

A warm shower with good pressure – the showers here are rarely both

A comfortable computer chair and desk – sitting at the edge of a bed doesn’t have the same comfort level

Huhot – self-explanatory

Fast, consistent internet – the more people online the slower it is, downloading anything is almost out of the question

Changing colors of fall – things still look exactly the same here and will stay that way. I missed the fall colors since it’s the best time of year in my opinion

Cold, winter days – I actually enjoy the colder winter days…to an extent. There is nothing better in the winter than having a coffee inside a coffeeshop while listening to jazz music. But come January, that’s about enough for me

Christmas mood and Christmas movies – I’ve begun my search to find “Vacaciones de Navidad”and “Un Cuento de Navidad”, Christmas Vacation and A Christmas Story, in the movie stores here. So far, no success but I think I’ll find it soon

A grill – an essential whenever there is good weather

Food options – a small market and several Peruvian and Pizza restaurants just don’t do it for me

Some of these things I would be able to have if I lived in a city. Because of this, I’ve learned that I need to live in at least a decent sized city, even if I am in a very interesting and different country. It’s frustrating when the main market closes at 7pm, so you can’t get much after that. And when there are only Peruvian and Tourist Restaurants (serving a lot of Pizza), there isn’t much variety. I love being able to get Indian food, Thai food, Mexican food, Japanese food, and others. In a small town, this just isn’t going to happen. I’ve also been wanting to buy newspapers each day since they’re cheap and it’s a good way to learn Spanish. In Ollanta, you can only buy them one way: once a day a guy walks around town selling them. It doesn’t seem to be consistent, and I have only seen the guy 2 or 3 times. This gets extremely frustrating.

So in short, I have been missing some things more than normal, but a lot of this is due to living in a small town in Peru. I guess it just makes these things even better when I get back to the US!

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