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Mexico is a country so close to home, yet I have not touched the surface on actually traveling there. Obviously, there are many Mexicans who have immigrated to the US. In any given town, there is typically a community of immigrants. Because of that, I’m disappointed by how little I do know about Mexico.

My only trip to Mexico has been what I would call a typical American vacation to the country…Cancun. I was working on the women’s basketball team at my university, and we fortunately had a tournament in Cancun. Spending the week at a resort in Cancun was fantastic. The weather was warm, the beaches were nice, and the resort was all-inclusive with food and drinks. However, I would not call this a cultural experience. Although it was fun, I had no better understanding of the country after the trip than before.

To me, a big reason to travel is to gain knowledge of another country. When I meet someone new, and I have been to their country, there is usually a stronger connection. I know what it’s like to walk on the streets in their city, know about their food, and just have a better understand of their culture.

This is why I feel disappointed by not having traveled more in Mexico. I’ve met many Mexicans in the US, and I would definitely establish better connections had I known more about their country, their culture. There is always more time to travel, right?!

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