Live & Learn

Within just several hours of posting my last blog, I realized that a solution solving one problem may cause another.

Large ants were really going after my bananas and mangoes. To get rid of them, I booby-trapped the table containing my fruit by putting the legs of the table in water. But what happens when a puddle of water sits outside in a tropical climate? Mosquitoes.

I was getting absolutely bit up all day yesterday and into the early evening. I wondered what had changed; the mosquitoes never seemed that bad. In researching how to keep mosquitoes away, I read that sitting water in artificial containers (like plastic) attracts mosquitoes to lay their eggs. I got rid of the ants but quickly attracted many mosquitoes. I prefer ants eating my bananas rather than mosquitoes sucking my blood. I threw out the water and immediately saw a change in the amount of mosquitoes.

Back to square one on the war against the ants.

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