It’s finally weekend

This weekend I have been wandering around London and trying to find new places.

Yesterday a group of us went and found Abbey Road, which is only a few miles away from where we live.  It took us a while to find the right crosswalk because it looks a bit different, but we eventually found the right one.  Of course we stood there and tried to get pictures of us crossing the road in between cars flying down the street.  Here is the best one we got of my group:

The Beatles studio was also right across the street.  The studio just looked like any other house around the area, but what happened inside changed the music world forever.

After this I wandered around more myself.  I walked down and found the Lord’s Cricket Ground.  I couldn’t see too much from the outside but I might try to go to a cricket match if I have the opportunity just to see what it’s like.  After this I decided to hop on a bus and see where it takes me.  It took me north a bit, so I walked around an area up there.  There were a few markets there, so I picked up a shower rug and some dish rags since they were so cheap. I then hopped on another bus and rode that for about 30 minutes.  I had absolutely no idea where I was at the time, but then I walked around and found that I was right outside Hyde Park.  I walked around Hyde Park and then sat down to take in the moment.  Since it was Friday afternoon and a decent day out (60 degrees is decent here), many people were out.

Last night Yuan and I went down to a pub in Covent Garden to watch the France-Netherlands soccer game.  I got to talking to a guy from Scotland that is here working for the week in London.  He travels every week for work all over the world.  He has been to more US cities than I have, been to South America, and every country in Europe.  It was great to see some heartbroken French people at the pub watching their team lose 4-1.

Today we headed down to Buckingham Palace to watch the Queen’s birthday parade.  It was exactly the same as last week but including the Queen.  And the streets were lined with people and we were unable to get up front.  But I did take a nice video of the Queen as she came by.

We then took off to go find the “telescope” that allows people in London to see people in New York City live.  It’s actually all done digital with a camera, but they call it a telescope.  The line was about an hour to get to the front and get close to it, so I just took pictures further away.

If you look close enough, you can see people in NYC in there.

We then walked right down the path to City Hall.  They were looking for food and saw a Cafe in the basement, but we found out that we could go up to the top to a little lookout place for free.  Here are a couple pictures that I took:

I then took the tube out east to the Mile End stop.  I had never heard anything about the place so I decided go just take the tube there and see if I see anything new.  The area was pretty run down and not much to see there, so I walked around the block and then hopped back on the tube to come home.

Hopefully everyone in Iowa is staying dry.  It’s crazy what is going on there with all the flooding.  Iowa weather is bad news.

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