Hola Argentina

Well I am officially in Argentina. After 5 weeks in Bolivia (went by very fast), I have finally escaped and moved on to the next destination.

This morning, I took a horseback riding tour near Tupiza, Bolivia. It was the first time I have rode a horse, and overall I enjoyed it. The scenery was fantastic, with red rocks and various formations surrounding the area. The tour was 3 hours long, and I must say that I was happy to finish at the end. Riding the horse was actually very relaxing, and I even got bored some of the time since they were just walking along. I was`t pulling Seabiscuit moves like I was hoping to. Needless to say, I won`t be entering the Kentucky Dirby anytime soon.

Afterwards, I caught a bus to the border of Bolivia and Argentina and did some last minute shopping before heading into an expensive country. I bought a towel to replace the one I lost, a lock for hostels, a new belt since my other one is broken after years of wear, and finally a sunglasses case to prevent broken sunglasses again. I got my last api and pastel (2nd time today), and then crossed the border. I was extemely happy that I didn`t have to pay an entrance fee to Argentina. I was under the impression I would have to, but I was never asked. There is $140 in my pocket that I thought I wouldn`t have.

So now I am waiting for my midnight bus to get to Salta tomorrow morning. I was pretty sad to leave Bolivia, but I am excited for something new. I have left the land where bathrooms never had toilet paper or soap, having a hot shower is a luxury, and where you can expect buses to leave at least 30 minutes late and arrive 2 hours late. However, I have loved the experience. The different sites, tours, cities, people, everything, I have truly enjoyed. After being in Peru and Bolivia for 4 months total, I think it will be a culture shock to get back to the ¨normal¨. Also, the prices have already been a shock. I had to pay 151 Argentine Pesos for a 7 hour bus ride, or about $35 I think. I had been paying $7 for a 7 hour bus ride. Needless to say, these next 8 weeks (3 weeks Argentina, 2 weeks Antartica, and 3 weeks Chile) will be by far the most expensive of the trip. But I can say that it will be worth the experience!

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