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Rich in history, both famous and infamous, recent and old, Germany is a country that would take weeks to even scratch the surface. From the creation of the German Beer Purity Law in 1516 to the taking down of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and everything in between. Discovering its fascinating history in itself is worth trip to Germany.

I’ve made three separate trips to Germany; two trips to Munich and one trip to Berlin. The vast differences between these two cities is unbelievable. It’s difficult to believe they’re in the same country. Munich is more of a posh city full of nice restaurants, beer gardens, and expensive stores. Berlin, on the other hand, is more artsy, hipster, more nitty-gritty, and happens to be one of the cheapest capital cities in Europe.

Munich is the biggest and most important city in Bavaria, a region known for its beer. Countless beer halls and beer gardens are situated around the city, and I haven’t witnessed a time where they weren’t packed. A few of the most famous beer halls are Hofbräuaus and Augustiner; but one can not really go wrong. On a nice day there are several outdoor beer gardens. The English Gardens is a great place where you can enjoy a giant pretzel and a beer.

As with most major cities in Europe, I recommend the Free Tour that is offered. This is a tour that is based solely on tips, so you pay what the tour is worth to you. I’ve taken this tour twice in Munich and once in Berlin. All three different tour guides were fantastic with their knowledge of the city and its history, and they all delivered the tour solidly. The tours give so much background on the city that one would never know without a guide.

Berlin is a city now known for its art scene and alternative trends. For the average traveler, there are many interesting sites including the small remains of the Berlin Wall, the old city entrance at Brandenburg Gate, and the modern Holocaust Memorial. Berlin is a relatively cheap city, making it a huge plus for the frugal traveler.

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