Normally, I only drink water and, on occasion, a beer. When I go to restaurants, I typically try to save a bit of money by avoiding a pop and sticking to water. It’s really an easy way to save a few bucks and to save my body from trying to process carbonated corn syrup.

In Nicaragua, they have something called “frescos”. They’re simply natural juices which are made with fruit from the market. Juice the fruit, add sugar and water, and ready to serve. And they are absolutely delicious. Oftentimes, they’re made with fruits not typically available in the US. Maracuyá (passion fruit), Papaya, Pineapple, Cacao, Chicha (from purple corn), Mango, etc.

The best part is the way that they are sold. Being the most efficient and economical way, they are typically serviced in a small plastic bag which is tied at the top. Sometimes a straw will be placed in the top of the bag for easy access, but typically not. In this case, one must bite a hold in the side of the bag an do their best to carefully drink the fresco without spilling. I have so far been unsuccessful in this. When I tried to drink a cacao fresco on the bus, I had chocolate drink all of my shorts. I suppose I’ll get better with time.

Another great things is these are generally sold everywhere. Vendors sell frescos out of their houses, walk down the streets of the market with a handful of frescos, come onto buses waiting to depart, and even walk through neighborhoods looking for a sale. At any given moment, I may hear a woman shout “Frescos” outside my door while I’m working on my computer.

Until recently, I hadn’t taken much interest in the frescos. Like I mentioned, drinking just water is an easy way to save money. However, the 5 cordobas (20 cents) is not much of a sacrifice for a delicious home-made drink! It’s time to take advantage!

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