English Channel = No Bueno For Seasickness

English Channel = No Bueno for Seasickness

After leaving Bremerhaven, Germany, we sailed along the northern coast of Europe, near Germany, the Netherlands, and France. I was very excited to go through the English Channel; that is, until I realized how rough the waters were on these days.

It was the first day of classes for students, and the swells in the English Channel were about 12-15 feet tall. It was rough. I was personally down for about a day and a half, and some were out for even more than that. It was so shaky that, while lying in bed, I got that feeling in my stomach similar to that of a roller coaster. I was wondering how many feet I must’ve been going up and down as the front of the ship was pushed around by these waves. It certainly felt like 5-10 feet drops.

It got to the point where I couldn’t eat a thing without it coming back up. For just over 24 hours, I didn’t keep a thing down. The second day, it wasn’t even about the seasickness, but moreso that my stomach and body was so off that it couldn’t hold anything in. I ended up at the medical clinic asking what to do. They gave me a few tablets to help with nausea, as well as a few packets of the electrolyte powders to mix in with water. After this, I was able to eat dinner and was literally back on my feet!

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