Dolphins, cockroaches, and spiders…oh my

Week has definitely been a busy one.  It feels like I have been here for a month, but it has only been 10 days.  As I probably said, it has been orientation all week.  All the first year students and exchange students have moved in and we have had many activities.  The residents in each dorm get pretty close with all the activites, so I have met so many people from my dorm.  I have met people from almost every nook and cranny of the world it seems. 

A few random things I have learned.  Koreans age in their country is actually a year older than the way we do it.  Koreans say they are 1 year old when they are born.  So the way we do it, our first birthday would actually be their second birthday.  Canadians really do say “eh”.  And the French don’t eat eggs for breakfast at all, so calling it “French Toast” doesn’t make sense at all.

Today, all international students went on an excursion to up to Nelson Bay for a dolphin cruise.  Beautiful day, and I got to see a fair share of dolphins.  Although they weren’t too close (probably 30 yards from the boat), it was still a good time.  At one time there were 15 of them swimming together.  The boat also had a net that they put into the water in the back.  So while the boat is still going full speed, 30 or 40 people could get into the net and swim while being pulled by the boat.  I did see a few jellyfish when we were in the boat, but luckily I was not in the water at the time.  Then tonight we had a dinner cruise with just my dorm.  We went back up to Nelson Bay and watched the sun set, had supper, then got to hang around the boat for a few more hours. 

Classes will be starting on Monday. I am both ready and not ready for it.  I am ready to get in a routine again, but I am not ready because it’s class.

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