Dobry Den Praha

Well I have finally arrived in Prague. I have been trying to get this rotation for a year, and I was lucky enough to finally get it for my last rotation in my program. I’ve been looking forward to coming here for a while, and it has not disappointed. I’m currently in the Prague Marriott until the person I am replacing moves back home. Then I’ll be moving into her apartment.

I got here 3 days ago, and so far has been a great experience. The architecture, the food, and the people have all been great.  A few things that I’ve noticed about Prague since Friday:

- I’m lucky to have English as my first language. English is the common language between most foreigners and the Czech natives. Czech is a language that people will learn only if they live in the Czech Republic, so of course very few foreigners can say more than a few words. Whether it’s an Italian, Chinese, or Russian, they almost always interact in English. I’ve had very few interactions where the other person didn’t know any English, so it’s been easy to get around.

- Food and drinks are pretty cheap. Each time that I have had lunch or dinner at a restaurant, I have paid about $7 for the meal, a drink, and the tip. Water is much more expensive than beer at restaurants. I paid over $3 for a bottle of water, when a beer costs under $1.50.

- You can either have water with bubbles (mineral water) or without bubbles (still water). Just tried the mineral water and was interesting. It comes straight from springs in the Czech Republic, so it’s full of minerals. It tastes like carbonated water, but it’s all natural.

- The architecture is amazing. I’ve walked around for hours and it still feels surreal. It feels like you’ve went back in time. Everything is very well-kept, so it feels like the buildings would be new…but they’re still pretty old.

- People seem very friendly here. In some countries, people do not like speaking to you in English. Here, most people are very happy to talk in English

- There are a lot of tourists even for January, but with good reason. The old town, Charles Bridge, and the Prague Castle are very nice. I can’t even imagine what this place will be like in summer with all the tourists.

I’ll be starting work tomorrow and am looking forward to that. I haven’t really met any people here yet, so it’ll be nice to get to know some locals.

I’ll write again soon. My goal is to write at least once per week (even if it is a short one), so I’ll try to keep that up while I’m here.

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I started Frugal Purpose to share my love of personal finance to assist your pursuit of a more fulfilling life. I am a financial analyst by trade, traveler at heart, and want to share with you the beauty of this world.


2 thoughts on “Dobry Den Praha

  1. Trent,

    We are so happy that you have this opportunity in Prague. It sounds like you really like it. We’re so jealous! We’re looking forward to reading your blog.

    Love, Mom & Dad

  2. Trent, I wrote a comment a few days ago, but I’m not sure you received it. I may not be doing the right thing or maybe it’s because I have a new email address Anyway, Grandpa and I are pleased to read your blog and to know how you are getting along. We’ll hope to hear soon how the new job is going.

    Love, Grandma

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