Denver, Colorado

I had the chance to get away from the Midwest before heading out of the country. Chad and Kendra were nice enough to let me shack up with them for almost a week. I’m sure it was a pain for them to get ready in the morning while I was sleeping on the couch for the whole week, so I really appreciate them letting me stay.

I left Des Moines around 4 p.m. on Sunday and got to Denver about 2:30 a.m. Mountain time. On Monday, Kendra and I went on a nice bike ride. We followed Bear Creek Trail all the way to Morrison, which is about a 10 mile ride each way. Needless to say, our legs were tired. Although I was having a tough time keeping up with Kendra’s biking ability. Some of the sights we saw included a field full of prairie dogs, horses, and a snake on the bike trail. Luckily Kendra didn’t see it.

On Tuesday, I took the same trail back to Morrison by myself. This time I took some pictures along the way and ate lunch in Morrison.

Throughout the week, I got to experience Chad and Kendra’s cooking. The meals they made ranged from Mexican to Oriental to Italian. I got to eat global cuisine from the comfort or Chad and Kendra’s apartment. Delicious!

On Wednesday, I went to a Rockies baseball game with my friend Alex and Derek. We were lucky to have a hot day with very few clouds. Having almost no humidity was also nice.

Chad and I went to a concert on Thursday night in downtown Denver. The artist is named Mason Jennings. Before the show, he had an autograph session, so Chad and I talked to him for a few minutes and got a picture with him. He’s playing in London in July and I plan on going to that too, so I told him I’d see him this summer overseas. The show was great with two good openers along with Mason.

Chad and I then went biking on Friday. This time we drove out to Morrison and went west from there into the steeper roads. This was even more exhausting than the first couple rides. Chad and I rode about 6 miles past the town of Idledale. Keep in mind that this was almost all at a slight slope. This took us about 45 minutes to get past Idledale. On our way back down, we hardly had to pedal and it took us only about 10 minutes to arrive back in Morrison.

Saturday was my last day in Denver, so we drove further into the mountains. Chad, Kendra, Alex, and I drove to Idaho Springs and Mt. Evans. We drove all the way up to a place called Echo Lake, probably some of the best scenery I have ever seen. We had a nice little picnic there at Echo Lake in the cool 50 degree weather.

I headed back to Iowa City after this trip into the mountains. Needless to say, it was a great week with Chad and Kendra.

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