Philadelphia from above

My scheduled flight on January 2nd to Newark, New Jersey, was unpleasantly delayed because of the biggest snowstorm so far this year. Not only did Chicago get 6 inches or so, but New Jersey also had about a foot. To get to the airport, my parents drive me an hour to a bus station in Rockford, Illinois, where I take a two and a half hour bus ride to the Midway airport in Chicago.

Lucky for me on the 2nd, the day of my flight, I received a text message saying my flight was cancelled due to weather. I say I was lucky because I received the message just ten minutes after leaving from my parents’ house. My mom immediately turned around and, when I got back home, I was able to rebook my flight for the next day at 4:50pm.

The next day, on the 3rd, my dad dropped me off at the bus station and I took the bus to Chicago. Just about an hour from the airport, I learn that today’s flight was also cancelled. I was able to rebook m flight the follow day, January 4th, to Philadelphia (rather than Newark), and I was lucky to even get that flight as all other flights to the area were sold out. So I arrived at the airport at 2:15pm ready to go for my 8:20am flight. Let’s just say that I was probably well known by the staff at the airport before taking finally leaving.

To top it off, the flight was delayed about an hour and a half because they did not have enough flight attendants to legally fly the plane. I arrived in Philadelphia at noon on January 4th, about 35 hours after my original arrival time. A positive side is that I never lost my checked-in bag like hundreds if not thousands of others had done.

Winter Day in Central Park

Winter Day in Central Park

After arriving, I’ve been hanging out with Chika and her family, and even made an overnight trip to New York City to see several Bike & Builders. In NYC, we saw Times Square, Rockefeller Center, walked around Central Park (and made a snowman), and went to a comedy club. Unfortunately, the weather was not ideal with high 30s and rain, but I think we made the most out of it. This was the first time that I had seen many of the Bike & Builders since the end of the trip in August 2012, so it was great catching up.

Now just making final preparations for the flight on Wednesday. Excited to finally get to Japan!

Rockefeller Center Ice Skating

Rockefeller Center Ice Skating

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