Daytrip to Cesky Krumlov

I’d heard many, many great things about Cesky Krumlov in the summer, so it was one of the places that I knew had to visit before leaving the Czech Republic. It’s a town in the very south part of Bohemia and is known for it’s medieval architecture and the canoeing/boating through the town. The town is on the winding part of the Vltava river, and the architecture and amount of pubs make it a great spot to boat through.

I decided to just head there for a day since I unfortunately couldn’t get anyone else to go with me, so I got on a bus at 7am from Prague and arrived a 10am in Cesky Krumlov. At first glance, it seemed like a very nice little town but I didn’t know what I was going to do until my bus left at 7pm. The weather wasn’t very good and I didn’t have anyone to boat with, so that wasn’t really option. But luckily in the main square there was a Slovak music festival going on. If it wasn’t for this, I probably would’ve been extremely bored since you can see the town in an hour.

There was just the one stage playing one band after another, but they were all really good. A lot of classical music orchestras, folk music, etc. From about 11am to midnight there was supposed to be music concerts going on.

Around 5pm, the town started having an even more lively feel to it. During the day, it seemed a bit more touristy. But, I think, after all of the boaters were done for the day, they all come to the pubs and to the town in general for the evening. For being such a small town (I’d say something like 20,000 people), it was a lively and fun town. I sat down and had a beer at a pub by the rive r around 5:30pm and it was fun just sitting there in that atmosphere. People are coming down on their boats (some of them having had too much beer), street musicians playing on the bridge to try to make some extra money, and just in general a very laid back town.

Originally, I wanted to go there for a weekend to do some canoeing, but unfortunately it never worked out with friends. It is definitely a place that I’d go back to visit again for that reason!

Just 2 more full days in Prague now. Hard to believe, but I’m ready to come home. I have to get a typhoid shot and a yellow fever shot tomorrow, but that is my only obligation for the next 2 days. Since I always have a huge list of things to do, it’s a strange feeling to have almost nothing going on and the ability to do whatever I want. But I’ll be busy when coming back home so I don’t think I’ll have to worry about that for long!

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