Dancing salsa in the salsa capital of Colombia

I thought this deserved it`s own post, because it`s something I have never seen or experienced before…the salsa in Cali, Colombia. I met up with some Couchsurfers for pizza for dinner, and afterwards we went to a normal salsa club. Normal for here at least. There was a mix of people from beginners to literal professionals. It was honestly like being at a show watching these people dance. but it was just a normal club.

Obviously intimidated at being there, and feeling extremely out of place when I was on my feet (kind of like a penguin walking on land), I was watching from the sidelines pretty much the whole night. 2 times girls took me to dance (both from Cali, unfortunately) and I did my best but pretty much without success. One of the times was with the professional dancer who teaches classes at my hostal, and she tried to teach me a bit. It`s like taking someone who has played basketball 2 times in their life, and putting them on the same court as the Chicago Bulls. It just doesn`t work!

But really, it was incredible to see this atmosphere. And the fact that the girls actually gave me a chance to dance with them. Still, the people here are impressing me with their openness and kindness.

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