Czech Republic

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After living in Prague for 7 months, I fell in love with the Czech Republic. I went in with high expectations but my experience surpassed these with ease. The country is just interesting. Between the architecture, the fascinating history, the beer culture, and the people who experienced first-hand communism and its eventual fall. If I were to recommend one place to go in all of Europe, I would say Prague.

Prague is the most beautiful city I have ever seen. The historic center’s buildings are some of the most preserved in Eastern Europe, as no major damage was done to the architecture during World War II. Walking through the small alleyways feels like you’ve taken a step back in time. It really is like a fairy tale. Sometimes you may think you’re at Disney World, but it’s just Prague. Dotted with famous buildings and landmarks like Prague Castle and Charles Bridge, my favorite part was waking up early in the morning to get lost in the winding cobblestone streets. Prague is full of tourists, and the industry is ever growing (with good reason). But this makes the historic center seem cramped as you maneuver around the people. Exploring early in the day makes you feel like the only person in this majestic city.

For anyone who enjoys a nice cold beer, the Czech Republic is the place to be. Czechs drink more beer per capita than any other nationality; they drink about a pint per day on average. Although beer prices have shot up in the past 20 years, beer is still cheap and is some of the best in the world. And beer is really almost everywhere. There are expansive beer gardens in parks, there are pubs around most street corners, and they even sell beer at street food vendors. Beer gardens are great places to get a glimpse of the Czech culture; on nice days, they’ll be packed with people enjoying a few beers and a sausage. The street food vendors are very much worth checking out. The cheese fried cheese sandwich was my go-to, but there are plenty of options for sausages and other types of unhealthy food. All are reasonably priced and delicious.

Outside of Prague, the Czech Republic has many other interesting cities worth checking out. Pilsn is a quaint city a few hours west of Prague; its main attraction is the Pilsn Urquell Brewery, but it’s worth checking out for its beautiful city square and to see a typical Czech city. The city of Brno almost feels like a small Prague without all the tourists. The architecture is quite similar, but it has more of a home-grown feel. People are proud to be from Brno, and there is somewhat of a rival between the two cities. Cesky Krumlov is a town close to the Austrian border, and it is well worth the trip down. The city is well-known for the river running through. It’s a popular place for people to rent canoes, kayaks, etc, to tour the surroundings by water. In Cesky Krumlov are many bars and restaurants along the water which are great for stopping to admire the town.

The Czech Republic is one of my favorite countries in Europe. Prague is a place everyone must visit at some point. If you give the country enough time to explore other cities outside of Prague, you will not be disappointed in what you find.

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