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Since I’m American, it’s pretty much illegal to say anything good about Canada. Because of this, I’ll just leave it at that…just kidding. I love the rivalry of the US and Canada. The only time that I actually cheer in a hockey match is when the two countries are playing against each other. Why? Because what could possibly be sweeter than the US beating Canada in their national sport?!

I love Canadians, so it’s a shame I haven’t traveled more extensively in the country. When I was living in Boston, I did make a trip to Montreal and really enjoyed it. I Couchsurfed for four days with a guy from the country of Panama, who was studying at a university in Montreal. As with most Couchsurfing experiences, I had a great time and a phenomenal experience. He showed me around the city for three straight days, showing off all of his favorite spots

A few of my favorite parts of the city are:

  • The historic center might as well be in France. The city was founded by the French, and 66% of the population still speaks French as a first language. Finding this place just north of Vermont is strange, yet pretty incredible. 
  • Mount Royal is a gorgeous park with stunning views of the city. It’s a perfect place to bring food and a bottle of wine and watch the city from afar.
  • Poutine – any greasy food fanatic will love it. French fries and cheese curds covered in gravy. That’s not a typo. Guaranteed to make you feel horrible for 2 hours afterwards.

I’ve only heard fantastic things about other parts of Canada (Quebec City, Vancouver, Calgary, etc.) and I hope to explore more of the neighbor to the north!

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