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Just kidding, I actually haven´t left Coroico yet. Funny how some things can work.

I bought my ticket for the bus a day in the advance, and they tell me to come back the next day to confirm which seat is mine. I paid and everything. So I go in the next day, and they tell me they have no seats and refund my money. The other bus companies are full for the day so I am stuck in Coroico. I bought a ticket from another company for the next day (today) so we´ll see how it works out. Schools in South America have vacations right now so there are a lot of South American travelers.


Yesterday, I decided to try to take advantage of my extra day by going to a small village called Tacaña. It is an interesting place because it is an African Bolivian community. African slaves were brought to Bolivia to work in the mines a long time ago, but they couldn´t get used to the altitude there (4,000 meters), so they were brought to the coca fields. Now, you will see some African Bolivians around the area, but Tacaña is the most traditional community.


So I started the hike there and was enjoying the forrest feel. I ended up seeing a little farm with banana trees and others, so I stopped to take a picture. A guy walked out so I started asking him about what he grows, etc. He ended up showing me around his place for about 45 minutes, showing me all the different trees and products he grows. From bananas to coffee to mandarins to bees and honey. He even gave me a few bananas to take with me afterwards. He was an extremely nice guy for showing me around. It was definitely interesting.


After wards, I continued my way to Tacaña, but I wasn´t exactly sure how to get there. So I had to turn back and head back the way I knew to Coroico. I was a bit disappointed that I didn´t find the place, but I got some pretty nice pictures of flowers, insects, and other plants along the way.


When I first got to Coroico, I met a 55 American guy who was divorced a few years ago and moved to Coroico to work at a restaurant. At first, I thought it was a mid-life crisis, but I soon realized he´s as close to the character of Billy Bob Thornton in Bad Santa as I have ever seen. In reality, he kind of looks like Bad Santa. He also spends all of his money on drugs and beer, is addicted to valium, and loves every other kind of drug there is, especially cocaine. One night, I went to a bar owned by a lady from the Netherlands, and he was there. By 10pm, he had already taken 8 valiums and drank enough beer to the point there he couldn´t really talk and passed out on a bar stool for 15 minutes, before falling on the floor and sleeping for 2 hours. The next day, I saw him in the plaza drunk at 3pm, and stuffing his face with cheese puffs. ¨2 bolivianos…it´s like 30 cents!¨ as cheese puffs are falling out of his mouth. It´s definitely sad to see, but he seems to be the Bad Santa of Bolivia!


So now I am hope to be off on a bus to Rurrembaque. Will try to keep you updated!

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