Beautiful Granada

Iglesia Guadalupe

Iglesia Guadalupe, Granada, Nicaragua

Sometimes, on a normal day like today, I can be struck with amazement by how beautiful the city of Granada is. I love to walk the 10 blocks down to the lake at around 5pm, as the weather cools off and the sun starts to set. Today, I walked down as it was sprinkling which caused a double rainbow to form off on the north part of the lake. I took my seat on the concrete ledge just up from the beach. I’ve learned to not look down at the beach, as it’s covered with a ridiculous amount of garbage. But off to my right in the distance is the perfectly symmetric peak of Volcano Concepcion which rises out of the island of Ometepe. In front of me laid the expansive Lago Cocibolca (or Lake Nicaragua) and mountains in the distance stretching along the north side of the lake. It really is an amazing sight.

I then walked slowly back up towards the city center. I passed the Iglesia Guadalupe, a colonial style church which was originally built in 1626 and sits on the corner of the pedestrian street of La Calzada. I continue on La Calzada in between the colorful colonial Spanish style homes. I finally arrived at the bars and restaurants whose outdoor tables and chairs were starting to fill up with both tourists and locals alike. Finally I arriving at the cathedral and the Central Park, I buy a fresco and take a seat on one of the benches in the park.

It’s just as beautiful as it sounds, if not more. And then, as if the city was trying to put me back in my place and remember how city really is, a young guy on a bicycle comes by and starts talking to me. Within a minute, he asks if I want to buy some weed.

And that pretty much sums up my four months here in Granada. I have seen some absolutely amazing things, both natural and man-made, that are just strikingly beautiful. Things that we’d be lucky to have in the US. But then, on the other hand, I have seen many ugly things that I’d wish I’d never seen.

It’s Granada.

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