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I wrote this post in November 2010 but for some reason was never published…so here it is. Obviously some time has passed since then, but I wanted to put it up anyway.


Hello again,

I did not realize that it has been over 3 months since my last post. One thing I have learned that writing a blog can easily be pushed to the end of the priorities list. If I don’t make this a top priority, I’m probably not going to write much. This is why I write so much when I’m living somewhere new or foreign; I want to write about my experiences so that I will remember with more detail in 20 years. When I live in Cincinnati, in my mind it’s not the most exciting, so I don’t have the drive to write about everything I do. Since I haven’t written much in the past several months, I’ll try to summarize it now.

This time around in Cincinnati has been a better experience than the last. Last year, I was miserable. I worked a lot, didn’t know many people, and generally just didn’t do much. I worked during the week and watched football on weekends. That was generally my life for 6 months. This time around, I have made sure to pick up some hobbies, continue traveling, and make changes in my life that align my actions with my values.

I am now in a position similar to my role last year in Cincinnati, but I do like it more. This role is less hectic, more interesting (dealing with the commercial engines side), and I have learned to take control of my life when I need to. Being brand new last year, I wanted to make a great impression so I worked longer hours than I needed to just for the “face time”. I didn’t feel like I could leave when my manager was still there. It was work first and life second. That didn’t make me happy, so I have prioritized and make sure I am not working late just for the sake of working late.

As far as hobbies, I have shifted my priorities. I have sold my TVs and only watch my roommate’s TV for Hawkeye football games and the occasional episode of the office. I now read more and have become more social. I’ve also become more health conscious of the foods I’m eating.

Another activity that has taken up some time is selling possessions that I don’t use. I’ve sold over $500 worth of stuff that I never used. My goal is to only own possessions that continually add value to my life…not just once every month or year. I want to own only what I’ll need when I go abroad or what I know I’ll need when I come back from abroad.

I’ve just recently found out that I’ll be going to Prague for my 4th rotation. I am extremely excited to have the opportunity to live in the Czech Republic for 6 months. For the past year and a half, my number one goal has been to have the chance to live in Prague for a rotation. I was very lucky to get the rotation, and I will definitely be taking advantage of being in Central Europe. This will surely keep me writing in this blog in the future as I experience the Czech culture and other cultures around Europe.

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