Another week down

Had a pretty ordinary week, at least for living in London.  On Tuesday night after work, I got a pizza from a local restaurant for takeaway and took it to Regent’s Park.  It always gets cold as the sun goes down.  I would’ve been hot had I worn jeans when I first left, but I was pretty chilly by the time I came back to the dorm.  The last couple nights have been slow also.  We have had more homework assignments due this week and for next week, so I pretty much finished them up and finally got decent sleep for a few nights.

Today I woke up at a good time and went over to the Portobello market.  It’s a long street with shops set up on the streets along with the permanent shops.  Most of the shops are similar, either selling food or weird jewelry or antiques or clothes.  I didn’t really find too much, so I took the tube over to Harrod’s Department Store, the biggest department store in the world.  I went in and eventually had no idea where I was.  The rooms aren’t very open, so once you get into the middle it is hard to find your way out.  There are 5 or 6 floors.  There was a woman singing opera by one of the sets of escalators.  Huge store, but definitely not my type of store.  There were some watches there that were 30% and were still going for a few thousand pounds.  They even had a bunch of different cafes and restaurants and other food shops throughout the store.

A few notes on Barcelona that I forgot to mention.  I thought their subway system was much better than London’s.  But of course this should be expected since it is newer.  The cabs are much larger and are air conditioned.  There is a countdown for each train coming that is counted down in seconds rather than minutes, like London’s.  However, Barcelona’s tracks are side-by-side, so the walks to transfer trains can be very long, sometimes taking as long as 10 minutes.  London’s tracks are mostly one over another, so you just have to go up stairs or escalators to get to a different line.  This makes it much quicker.

Another thing I forgot to mention, we were in our hostel and a guy heard us talking and he noticed that we spoke English so he started talking to us.  He was with a big group, so we asked where they were from.  They all go to Augustana College in Rock Island.  One girl also said she went to Christian Life high school in Rockford, a school that Stockton used to play in football for non-conference games.  Very odd meeting people from that close to home in Barcelona.

Only one week left til I will be coming home.  I must say that I am very ready to be done with work, and it will be nice to get back home.  Having a month off will be a good break before school starts.

Hopefully everyone has been getting along okay and hopefully I’ll be seeing you soon.

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