Addresses in Nicaragua

Nicaragua AddressesOne funny thing about Nicaragua is the lack of numbered addresses. In other words, your address isn’t 123 Main Street. In Granada, your address may be “From the San Francisco church, on the south side, two blocks towards the lake, in front of Hotel Casa Capricho.” This actually happens to be my current address. If you wanted to send me a letter, you would literally write that as the address (in Spanish, of course).

I am still unsure why there are no street numbers for a more specific address. I had read that this is how it functions in Managua because of the earthquake that destroyed the city in 1972. The city was rebuilt little by little, I read, and was never organized enough to have street numbers and names. However, Granada was not destroyed by the earthquake, so I am still unsure why it functions so barbarically here.

But the mail system is like many things in Nicaragua. In some way, shape, or form, it works! I’ve received 3 different pieces of mail here, and all arrived within two weeks of the original shipping date from the US and from Australia. Not too shabby, as it’s probably not any different than shipping a letter from one developing country to another!

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