A Week in Tokyo: Foods

A Week in Tokyo: Foods

The food alone is reason enough to make a trip to Tokyo. The base for almost every meal is either rice or noodles, and the rest is usually packed with various forms of fresh fish and seafood. Other forms of meat are also available, like pork cutlets or grilled chicken. The options are numerous and will never leave the foodie dissatisfied. Here are some of the foods I tried in my week in Tokyo.

The Foods


Sushi – What Japan is most known for but is not typically eaten as much as we’d think.


Tempura – Battered and fried shrimp, mushrooms, and peppers (central left), accompanied by potato salad (central right) and raw minced mackerel (right).


Gyoza – minced pork and cabbage inside of a flour based wrap and dipped in soy sauce


Tonkatsu-don – Fried pork cutlet with egg and rice accompanied with udon noodle soup


Soba noodles with shrimp and mushroom tempura


Negitoro-don – minced, raw tuna served over a bowl of rice and with egg and ginger. Also comes with miso soup.


Gyuudon at Yoshinoya- Pork, onions, tofu, and a mix of greens in a spicy soup, served with white rice.


Traditional Japanese breakfast – From top left and going clockwise: strawberries, spinach, fresh broccoli and eggs, miso soup with mushrooms and other greens, white rice, lettuce and potato salad


Unagi – Eel (which we purchased from the Tsukiji Market) served over rice and accompanied with miso soup

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