A Short Visit to the Canary Islands

A Short Visit to the Canary Islands

Just a few days out from Valencia, not long after getting through the Strait of Gibralter, we came to a halt just off the coast of Morocco in the Spanish Canary Islands. The reason? To refuel. (The Canary Islands are well-known for resorts and beaches. Unfortunately, there was no feet on land from our ship)

I woke up around 5:30 that morning to sit outside and write, and at around 6AM I felt the ship start slowing down. I was in the back of the ship, so I quickly got up and looked out starboard side (right side) and saw land. Although it was still dark and would be until 7:30AM, I could see the city lights of Las Palmas, the largest city on this specific Canary Island called the Gran Canaria. The lights covered the coast as well as halfway up the large hill/small mountain that is centered in the island.

Eventually, the sun rose and it shined on a lovely island, on the city of 380,000 people. The entire morning, we were docked along its pier right in the central part of the city. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to disembark. We departed just after noon, and it was a welcome unexpected (at least to me) stop off the coast of Morocco!

PS: On the way out of Las Palmas, the biology professor and his class spotted a hammerhead shark in the waters. I’m jealous of those who saw it, but I thought that was pretty cool.

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