5 days?!

As I sit here in Stockton, IL, I can only imagine how different my life will be in five days. I will be arriving in London in exactly five days from right now. I will be arriving to Heathrow Airport along with three bags trying to make my way from the airport to the subway (The Tube, as they call it) to the Kings Cross stop. When I say that my life will be different, I mean that I will be moving from a town of 2,000 people (probably knowing half) to one of the most diverse cities in the world featuring a population of about 12 million. The largest city I have ever lived in was Des Moines last summer with a modest population of 500,000. And even this was in Iowa. Living in a city where I have the accent seems strange to me. But that is the point of going abroad, to get out of my comfort zone in order to learn about the world outside of the United States. I will be learning about a new culture, a new work environment, and most importantly, I will learn more about myself. Many of my paradigms will be broken. When I am talking about the Cubs, will many people look at me like I am crazy? What are the expectations for college students in other countries? How will the work day differ in London than in the States? These questions along with many others will be answered soon.

I will be living at a residence hall called Nido at Kings Cross. The website is www.nidokingscross.com if you would like to check it out. About 950 international students will be living here. There are many colleges within a few miles of this place. I am wondering if most of the students living here will be from London or from other countries also. Either way, I am excited to meet many of these other students. It will be interesting to see how their lifestyles and cultures differ from the one I grew up with.

I still have not received my internship placement yet. I hope to receive it by the time I leave on Saturday so I know if the business I work in is more casual or formal. I would like to pack accordingly. It will be tough enough to pack for eight weeks in two luggage bags the way it is.

Keep checking back since I will be updating as often as possible.

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