4th of July weekend

Hey everyone. Sorry to be so long to write.  It’s been very busy and it’s hard to get stop and have enough time to write a decent blog.  I was able to celebrate the 4th of July for a couple days over this past weekend. On Friday, I had to work until about 1. Then I met some friends down in Chinatown to eat. We then went to Oxford Street to a store called Primark where they sell all their clothes for good prices. Most clothes were 10 pounds or less, even nicer dress shirts. I only bought some white t-shirts I needed as undershirts. We then went to the Camden Town market which was interesting as always. It is a very punk neighbourhood so you will see people wearing anything and everything there.

Later on Friday, a big group of Iowa students went to Waxy O’Connors, an Irish pub that was celebrating the 4th of July. Almost everyone there was American, so that was okay for the 4th. On Saturday, a group of about eight of us went to Mile End, where there was a 4th of July get-together for whoever was interested in London. People brought grills to grill burgers and hot dogs, and we got a small group together to play some American football. There were probably 100 people there total. I met people from New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and I even met a girl from Williamsburg, Iowa. She saw my Iowa shirt and came to ask me about it. She received her undergrad degree at Iowa and also went to Law school at Iowa.

Sunday was a rainy day. It finally got somewhat nice, so Megan, Zack, and I went and toured the Tower of London. This is definitely worth it to see. It’s almost like it’s own little village inside. It is a castle that was first created in the year 1200 when they created the White Tower. They then kept adding on as different Kings and Queens lived here. We also got to see the crown jewels in one of the buildings. We spent about 2 hours touring it, but someone could definitely spend a whole day here.

On Monday, I went over to Notting Hill and walked around more.  It’s a nice area to walk through, but it was still raining.  I then hopped on a bus and was exhausted.  I fell asleep and woke up with no one else on the bus.  I was right by Picadilly Circus when I woke up, though, so I just got off and got on the tube to go home.

On Tuesday, I ended up going back to Hampstead Heath again.  This was the huge park with the nice view of the city.  I just took a sandwich up there and sat around.

Last night, we had the tickets for the London Eye, which is the biggest ferris wheel in the world.  It takes 30 minutes to go around once, and up to 25 people can fit in each carriage.  It was a cool ride, but of course it was raining so we couldn’t see as much as if it was a sunny day.  After this, Megan, Zach, and I went to a pub in Leicester Square where I finally ordered some sausage and mash (mashed potatoes).  Somehow, this was the first time I have had it since being here, and it was great.

Finally done with another week of work and heading to Barcelona tomorrow early morning.  I’ll be there until Sunday night, and hopefully I’ll be posting then to tell about the experience.  Everyone have a safe weekend and I’ll talk to you soon.

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