2 Seconds Every Day: Month 1

2 Seconds Every Day: Month 1

Before starting this trip to Southeast Asia, I was trying to find new ideas of how to present the media of my trip rather than just having a simple photo gallery. I had tried video editing before and failed miserably. I wanted something simple and manageable yet something that showed off the concept of backpacking.

Then I saw this Ted Talk by Cesar Kuriyama about how he films one second of his life every day. I loved the idea of taking a short video of a moment every day and putting it together as a movie. In comparison to a picture, the movie obviously shows movement and sound. Moving so quickly from one video to the next makes the clip continually interesting, as long as you’re doing interesting things. And it’s simple. One second every day takes literally one second every day. Just pull out your iPhone or camera and shoot away, then put it back in your pocket. Afterwards, simply put the short videos together in a movie making software, publish, and you’re done. Simple enough for me!

In his Ted Talk, Cesar talks about how he realized that if he forgets to take a video one day, he didn’t do anything that was worth taking a video. This makes him mindful of what he’s doing each day, trying to do at least one thing daily worthwhile of a video. If not, you’re video ten years later would be pretty boring to watch. There is no doubt that watching this video in 50 or even in 10 years would be intriguing. You would have one memory of each day, most of which you probably would’ve forgotten about. Because I started this blog to remember my document my travel experiences, this idea is extremely intriguing to me. Rather than having just writings and pictures of various events, cities, and activities, this becomes an easy way to record something every day.

I decided to try it out for my Southeast Asia trip, but by adding an extra second to make it two seconds each day. I always try to express how amazing traveling can be. Every day is a new experience and deserving of having at least one moment captured. Whereas in a normal life while working may be difficult to find something new each day, traveling makes it easy to whip out a camera. Many days can even be difficult to choose just one moment. This everyday thrill is what keeps me traveling. So without further ado, here is our first month of traveling in a series of short daily videos:

Date Sight Location
1/4/2014 Flying into Philly Philadelphia, PA
1/5/2014 Rockefellar Center New York City, NY
1/6/2014 Getting ready for dinner with Chika’s family Princeton Junction, NJ
1/7/2014 Playing Super Mario Kart with Chika and her brother, Junichi Princeton Junction, NJ
1/8/2014 Flying from NYC to Beijing 30,000 feet above ground
1/9/2014 Beijing airport Beijing, China
1/10/2014 Naritasan Temple Narita, Japan
1/11/2014 Dinner with Chika and her grandmother Tokyo, Japan
1/12/2014 Fried squid Tokyo, Japan
1/13/2014 Senso-Ji Temple Tokyo, Japan
1/14/2014 Tsukiji Fish Market Tokyo, Japan
1/15/2014 Sumo match Tokyo, Japan
1/16/2014 Shibuya Crosswalk Tokyo, Japan
1/17/2014 Couchsurfing lunch Tokyo, Japan
1/18/2014 Chinatown Bangkok, Thailand
1/19/2014 Wat Pho Temple Bangkok, Thailand
1/20/2014 Fish foot massage Bangkok, Thailand
1/21/2014 Relaxing at Airbnb Condo Bangkok, Thailand
1/22/2014 Grand Palace Bangkok, Thailand
1/23/2014 Sunset at Sairee Beach Koh Tao, Thailand
1/24/2014 Tanote Bay Koh Tao, Thailand
1/25/2014 Scuba Diving Koh Tao, Thailand
1/26/2014 Scuba Diving Koh Tao, Thailand
1/27/2014 Nangyuan Island Koh Tao, Thailand
1/28/2014 Fireshow Koh Phi Phi, Thailand
1/29/2014 Bamboo Island Koh Phi Phi, Thailand
1/30/2014 Kayaking Koh Phi Phi, Thailand
1/31/2014 Ferry to Krabi Koh Phi Phi, Thailand
2/1/2014 Chinese New Year Ayutthaya, Thailand
2/2/2014 Exploring ruins Ayutthaya, Thailand
2/3/2014 Ferry Ayutthaya, Thailand
2/4/2014 View from guesthouse Yangon, Myanmar
2/5/2014 Sule Pagoda Yangon, Myanmar
2/6/2014 Monks walking through street market Yangon, Myanmar

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4 thoughts on “2 Seconds Every Day: Month 1

  1. That is pretty cool stuff! Great way to remember years down the road. Also gives us a better feel for what it is you are doing. I have been specifically wondering what the sumo scene looked like!

    • The sumo match is definitely one of my favorites out of the them all. Even though it’s just a few seconds, it show much more than a picture. Plus, it’s easy to get a quick video of pretty much anything.

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